Romelu Lukaku put Manchester United 1-0 up against Southampton on Saturday afternoon, scoring his sixth Premier League goal in six appearances. Louis Saha is the only other United player to manage this.

Following the goal, United fans persisted with singing the racist song that Lukaku asked them to stop. The chant was sung on repeat, followed by “we’ll sing what we want!”

Following Lukaku’s request, social media became full of United fans, mainly white men, insisting that Lukaku didn’t really mind being racially stereotyped by the fans. They claimed that Lukaku wasn’t really offended, based on no evidence whatsoever, and rather had been told to ask the fans to stop by the club and Kick It Out.

However, Pete Boyle, who is well connected with the club, has revealed that the player genuinely does not like the chant and wishes the fans wouldn’t sing it.

There are a whole host of offensive songs that are sung at football grounds. People’s opinions will differ over which are acceptable or not.

But how can our fans persist in claiming they are singing a song to celebrate Lukaku’s impact at United when the player himself does not want them to sing it?