Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has talked up our likely signing, Antonio Valencia, claiming that he is world class and that for the price agreed, we’re getting him for an ‘absolute steal’.

“I think Antonio is the best wide right player anywhere and that includes Franck Ribery,” said Whelan. “If this lad goes to Man United he will be a sensation there. Within a few months and over the course of a season the United supporters would come to worship this lad. We see him week-in, week-out in games and in training and he’s a world-class player. He doesn’t play the same way as Ronaldo. There is no show or flash, but he’s a world-class player and he’ll take some replacing. No-one tackles him or takes the ball off him because they can’t get near him. At the kind of money that’s been talked about for Antonio he’d be an absolute steal. United appear to be getting £80m for Ronaldo and they would be paying out a fraction of that for Valencia, so it would be great business because this boy has got immense ability.”