Despite losing masses of revenue thanks to the failure to qualify for the Champions League this season, the Glazers have made the wise more of freezing season ticket prices again. Had the owners forced fans to pay the difference, when it was the Glazers’ lack of investment which contributed to last season’s woeful campaign, there would no doubt have been a resurgence in the anti-Glazer protests.

The club is delighted to announce that season-ticket prices have been frozen for the 2015-16 season. This represents the fourth consecutive season, and the fifth time in six years, that prices have been held.

The club announced in November that revenue was down by almost 10% for the first quarter of the financial year, however the record kit deal with Adidas and a 49% growth in sponsorship income means the club remains profitable and United are able to absorb the financial shortfall without resorting to raising ticket prices.

United’s most expensive season ticket is £950. When the Glazers took over, that same ticket was worth £551. The cheapest ticket at United is £532, whilst when the Glazers took over it was £390.

In the first season in charge, they increased the price of season tickets by, on average, 10.6%. The following season it was 12.9%, then 10.7%, then 6.9%, then 2.6%, before a price freeze for the past four seasons.