Michael Owen says playing for Manchester United is his priority and he wants to score goals so we win, not so he gets picked for England.

“England is something I don’t really think about,” said Owen. “It is probably something people talk about a lot more than I think about really. The last squad I was in was over a year ago now. I have played for England 89 times and would love to play for them again. But I am concentrating on playing for United. I genuinely go to bed thinking I have got to play well the next day and win games for Manchester United, not that if I score or play well I might get picked for England. One of the draws of coming to a club like Manchester United was the chance to play on big Champions League nights and to play in top Premier League games. It has to be everyone’s dream to play in games like that. It is difficult to win these competitions but it’s our aim to do it and it’s exciting to be part of it.”