Ryan GiggsAll fans think their club is special. There’s got to be something that keeps the fans coming back week after week, win, lose or draw, travelling the length of the country, to get behind their team. United fans have been fortunate enough to see that loyalty and feeling towards the club rewarded with trophy after trophy, with great football, and with local lads playing their heart out for the team.

Ryan Giggs has spoken out about the special nature of the club, talking as any fan would of the team they have grown up loving and supporting. “If you are representing Manchester United, you have to play in the right manner, excite supporters and wherever you go, get people off their seats,” said Giggs. “That has got to go on because that is one of the things that sets this club apart. You never stand still. It always goes forward. There’s Juventus and Barcelona but Manchester United always seemed to have that much more support and seem that much more special. Of course, that is down to history and what Sir Matt did.”