Here’s a collection of quotes about Manchester United or our players which all individually made me smile. Some of them you will have heard before, some you might not, but I hope you enjoy them.

A United player is a passionate mix of skill, heart and youth. Manchester United are all about flair and improvisation; a club with history and style bred on romance.
Harry Gregg

In all modesty, my summing up of 1955-6 and 1956-7 must be that no club in the country could live with Manchester United.
Sir Matt Busby

Fergie said I was a Manchester United player in the wrong shirt – I said he was an Arsenal manager in the wrong blazer.
Tony Adams

I can understand why clubs come away from Anfield choking on their own vomit and biting their tongues knowing they have been done by the referee.
Sir Alex Ferguson

When I used to hear Muhammed Ali proclaim to the world he was the greatest I used to smile. You see, the greatest of them all was an English footballer named Duncan Edwards.
Jimmy Murphy

When Manchester United are at their best I am close to orgasm.
Gianluca Vialli

I can’t imagine playing for any other club.
Paul Scholes

For me I love Manchester United. Yes for sure I would like to go home or to Spain at some stage, but right now I am very happy here.
Cristiano Ronaldo

As long as we are successful on the pitch, then I will be here – unless Manchester United put in a call. But I don’t think Sir Alex Ferguson is planning to step down just yet!
Paul Ince

After his first training session in heaven, George Best, from his favourite right wing, turned the head of God who was filling in at left-back. I would love him to save me a place in his team – George Best that is, not God.
Eric Cantona

Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager Manchester United have ever had. It is ridiculous for people to suggest he leaves. Who do they want to replace him? Ron Atkinson, Tommy Docherty?
Gary Neville

I think we have really integrated well around Manchester. This is the place where we feel at home. We like it here, we love the English way of life and we prefer it much, much more than the south of Europe.
Ruud van Nistelrooy

Sometimes we can get too emotional as a club with things that are happening. But we’re both of a common denominator – we don’t want the club to be in anyone else’s hands.
Sir Alex Ferguson

Roy Keane is Damien, the devil incarnate. He’s evil. Even in training.
Ryan Giggs

I’d crawl all the way from Norwich to Manchester for the chance to play for United.
Steve Bruce

Duncan was the only player that made me feel inferior.
Sir Bobby Charlton

When I think football, I think Manchester United.
Eric Cantona

We were the last Manchester team to win the League and we’ll be the next one.
Peter Swales (Manchester City chairman – 1992)

Ask all the players in the country which club they would like to play for and 99% would say ‘Manchester United’. The other 1% are liars.
Gordon McQueen

George Best was the greatest player in the world.

I got a load of DVDs. About the Munich disaster and the Busby Babes, about Bobby Charlton, George Best and Denis Law, about Cantona. The whole story of the club. You meet these people around the club and I wanted to know who they were. What they had done for the club. Out of respect. Because when you shake the hand of Sir Bobby Charlton you can feel the legend. All the young players here need to understand the history of the club. After I watched those DVDs I realised I needed to respect the shirt. I needed to respect the story. Every time I play that is in my head. What a privilege it is to play for Manchester United. When you pull on the shirt you are pulling on history, and I say thanks to God that I play for this club.
Patrice Evra