Every single player who has won the Ballon d’Or from the English league has played for Manchester United.

1956: Stanley Matthews (Blackpool at the time)
1964: Denis Law
1966: Bobby Charlton
1968: George Best
2001: Michael Owen (Liverpool at the time)
2008: Cristiano Ronaldo

Matthews was a war time guest player for United whilst Owen is a current United player. I realise these links are rather tenuous but it’s a nice little stat regardless.

Nevertheless, it’s impressive that United are so well represented for this award.

1967: Bobby Charlton
1968: Bobby Charlton
1999: David Beckham
2007: Cristiano Ronaldo

1957: Duncan Edwards (21-years-old)
1971: George Best
1993: Eric Cantona

Current Players
2002: Rio Ferdinand (21st)
2004: Wayne Rooney (8th)
2007: Wayne Rooney (26th), Ryan Giggs (30th).
2008: Wayne Rooney (13th), Nemanja Vidic (21st), Edwin Van der Sar (22nd),
2009: Wayne Rooney (8th), Ryan Giggs (14th), Nemanja Vidic (16th).

nb. Sadly, this award is entirely worthless though, as Paul Scholes’ absence proves the best players in Europe aren’t accurately awarded.