I have made my opinion on Wayne Rooney’s behaviour clear enough. I completely disagree what he did, as a fella as much as a United fan, and offer no defence for him.

However, I’ve read a few articles here and there questioning why Rooney didn’t receive the same treatment as John Terry in the press.

Here’s my twopence:

1. John Terry was England captain, Wayne Rooney wasn’t.
Fabio Capello has treated them the same. Terry wasn’t banned from playing, just like Rooney wasn’t (and just like Ashley Cole wasn’t). Rooney didn’t have an armband to have taken off him.

As the captain, you are the ultimate role model and representative of the team. To behave in such an unsavoury way when captain of England is more unacceptable than as a player.

2. John Terry did the dirty on his mate.
Those last seen parading around in ‘Team Terry’ t-shirts will tell you that Wayne Bridge and that woman had broken up by the time Terry started shagging her. That might well be true but anyone knows you don’t do you mate’s ex. But she wasn’t “just an ex”, she was the mother of Bridge’s child. That makes it bad enough.  However, the couple didn’t “officially” split up until December 2009, with reports of them separating some time in the summer, coincidently, the same time Terry’s relationship with her reportedly began.

3. John Terry did the dirty on his team mate.
As captain, your role is to bring the players together, not tear them apart. Bridge was selected for the England squad ahead of the World Cup, undoubtedly his last opportunity to represent his country at such a level, but withdrew on the basis of what Terry did. Bridge’s reason was he didn’t want to cause disruption in the squad and damage their bid to win the competition, which of course, his presence would do. Sadly, Terry was more concerned about getting his end away than he was preventing disruption in the camp.

4. John Terry did the dirty on his family.
Like many, I find the idea of shagging a prostitute behind your pregnant wife’s back repulsive. That’s proper low life. However, there is the possibility that fatherhood can change Wayne. He stopped playing away a month before his son was born and seems genuinely enamoured with it all. Terry, in contrast, was picking up Daddy of the Year awards whilst shagging around behind their mum’s back (not for the first time!).

“My family mean the world to me and receiving this award has made me feel extremely proud,” Terry said at the awards ceremony in June 2009. Does that quote even need comment? The fact that this comment was probably made when his affair had already begun only adds insult to injury.

5. Wayne Rooney is the star.
Terry’s popularity was waning as it was. He’s not anywhere near as good as he was and his attitude on the field with Chelsea has become abhorrent to most. In contrast, Rooney hasn’t even reached his peak yet and the press and England fans alike know that without Rooney, they might as well give up even the delusional hope of success any time soon. Fair? Probably not, but that’s the way it goes. Just like if Terry had been shagging the baby mama of a player more important than Bridge, like Gerrard or Rooney, the Chelsea man would have received even more stick. In fact, they would have been calling for Terry to stay at home for the World Cup. It’s all relative.