Liverpool thrashed Newcastle 5-1 today, whilst Chelsea drew 2-2 away to Fulham. Regardless, United, without even playing today, are favourites for the title.

Despite playing three fewer games than everyone else, United are sitting in a strong position in the table. Winning our games in hand would see us over take Chelsea and remain one point below Liverpool.

We have already travelled to the grounds of the other teams in the top six and have played just 7 of our 17 games at home.

Liverpool have played four of the other teams at the top away and played 10 of their 20 games at home. Chelsea have played just one of the other top team away and against, half their games at home.

Gary Neville agrees that we’re in a great position and now have to take advantage of the easier fixtures coming our way.

“The first half of the season was always going to be difficult for us because we were involved in the Super Cup and the World Club Cup,” said Neville. “We have got through that now and are no worse off. If we can get those two home matches in hand won and win the games in between, we will be in a great position. The manager made the point in his team talk at Stoke that we are starting the league from today. We would have taken this position at the start of the season with all the difficulties we have had.”

Out of our next ten games, seven of them are against clubs outside the top eight in the league.

Boro (h), Chelsea (h), Bolton (a), West Brom (a), Everton (h), West Ham (a), Fulham (h), Blackburn (h), Portsmouth (h), Newcastle (a).

Looking at these fixtures, we should be picking up a lot of points over the next couple of months, whilst keeping our squad fresh with the great talent we have available to us. The quality of the players we have on the bench is better than it ever has been and this should serve us well when it gets to crunch time.

Now all we need is to start playing well! Fortunately, Liverpool have already dropped eight points at home this season, whilst Chelsea have dropped fourteen, which has bought us a bit of time. With our most difficult way games out of the way, we just need to concentrate on winning at home, and it shouldn’t be too long until we’re top of the table again.

Three in a row? Yes please.