Following Manchester United fans persisting in singing the racist Romelu Lukaku chant on Saturday afternoon, despite the club and player urging them to stop, the club has released a statement warning that CCTV footage will be monitored to punish those who are guilty of continuing to sing the song.

Manchester United has a zero tolerance stance on offensive chanting and behaviour. The club and player have been clear in asking for an end to the chant.

The club has worked with relevant bodies and supporters groups in trying to eradicate any offensive behaviour and will take action against individuals if this continues. The club in discussion with the police and has asked for CCTV footage.

We will try to identify those who disrespected the player’s wishes not to sing the song.

Jose Mourinho likely didn’t help matters yesterday afternoon when he told journalists not to ask him questions about the chant. In contrast, when Alvaro Morata asked Chelsea fans to stop singing their racist “Yid” chant, Antonio Conte offered his full support to the player’s request. Chelsea fans have modified the lyrics.

If we are being outdone by Chelsea supporters when it comes to racial sensitivity, you know that something has gone horribly wrong!