Day 2 …. Everything I wrote about yesterday (See HERE) was fantastic but hands down the highlight of Saturday for me was of course meeting the lads representing the Manchester United Foundation.

After the game with the FC Bayern Legends all of the players made their way to the mix zone and took time talking to the press and other lucky folk like myself who happened to be packed in there. Given they had just been involved in what must have been a knackering match I thought it was frankly amazing they were as generous with their time as they were..

It’s pointless me saying too much about how the players were individually as the same could be said about them to a man. They were friendly, happy to talk and seemingly humbled to have been wearing the United shirt once again. Each and every one of them sheer class, fantastic representatives of the club on foreign soil.

So who won our #AskALegend competition? Congratulations to Mark Donovan who sent me his question on Twitter:

Mark Donovan ‏@hughsie_10 Aug 7
How successful do you think LVG will be in his first season as Manchester United manager? #FCBday1 #AskALegend

Mark’s question was simple but extremely effective at breaking the ice with each of the players I got to talk to. Most of them answered with something along the lines of ‘he will make sure they do much better then last season‘. It was Robbo however who I think best summed up the current state of affairs when he said that LVG had restored a lot of belief around the club and although he didn’t want us getting ahead of ourselves he had a good feeling about the incoming year.

2014-08-09 20.40.05

Speaking of Robbo it was amazing to see him looking in such great health. He told me he thought it was great that two great clubs like Bayern and United could be such great rivals yet have some much respect for each other. He also said it felt great pulling on the United shirt again and that health wise he was doing well.

Just for the record I did have all of your questions printed with me but it was incredibly hard asking them with the amount of press all around me!

2014-08-09 20.41.10

Ronny Johnsen – What a nice guy! Seriously nice chap! I told him I wasn’t expecting to see him as he wasn’t on the team sheet the week leading up to the event but he said he was always meant to play so I have no idea why he wasn’t promoted beforehand.

Phil Neville – I asked Phil whether he enjoyed his stint on BBC Test Match Special the day before and whether he was looking forward to his new MOTD gig. He confirmed he was and that he felt he was always improving as a commentator. He turned the tables on me asking if I enjoyed his interview on TMS, which I of course confirmed I did.

Dennis Irwin – really funny guy! I asked him about whether he thought he would fit in LVG’s wing back system at which point he looked at me like I was an idiot and told he would have been first name on the team sheet, he did of course flash his cheeky Irish grin second later. Interestingly he also said he would have preferred to have played on the right side of the wing back system.

2014-08-09 20.45.08

Andrew Cole – I bottled asking him why he wasn’t Andy anymore! He did say though he had no interest in management, especially not interested in starting up a management duo with Yorkie ☺

Jesper Blomqvist – In my other enthusiasm talking to Ronny J I was told by my pal I ignored your attempt to sign my shirt! If in the one in a billion chance you read this I sincerely apologise Jesper. Just for the record I thought you were one of the better players on the pitch in the Legends game.

So did I get to meet the man … of course I did


Paul Scholes – There wasn’t a hope in hell of me asking this guy any questions as he was mobbed as soon as he emerged in the press zone. I did manage to get him to sign my shirt and a cheeky photo but apart from asking him if he enjoyed the game and whether he was tired after playing two games in three days (both of which he confirmed!), I’m afraid I didn’t get much time to speak to him. Heck it was enough for me! I met the Paul Scholes!!!

For the minute that is most of what I can recall. Again a big thanks to Allianz Insurance and FC Bayern inviting me along to report on the game and setting up such a special day. Congrats again to Mark Donovan – I’m going to be hassling you on Twitter for your postal details the minute I post this.

Signing off….