Last week I asked who United’s biggest rivals were, following a survey of thousands of football fans of teams in all leagues in England.

The fans in this survey regarded Liverpool as our biggest rivals, then City then Arsenal. How did RoM readers vote?

Drum roll please.

In third place, with 9% of the vote, it’s our old sparring partners, Arsenal! Here’s a team that deprived us of winning the league in 1998, 2002 and 2004, as well as beating us in the FA Cup final of 2005. Of course, we’ve more than got our own back!

In second place, with 23% of the vote, it’s our pals from Moscow, Chelsea! Of course, not a historic rival of ours, their 2005 and 2006 Premiership titles have obviously got on our nerves. How dare a team keep our trophy two years in a row!

And in first place, as if there could be any question, with 64% of the vote, is Liverpool. Despite going 18 years without winning the league, they’re still our most hated team.

Leeds ranked 4th with 6% of the vote and surprisingly City came 6th, with just 2%.