Victor Valdes has discussed training at Manchester United for the club’s official site.

What is your favourite part of training?
Finishing with the players. Yes, I’m in goal – I only go outfield for the possession games.

Is there anything specific you’re working on in training?
Always two days a week, I work on another part of our training in the gym.

Who scored the best goal you have ever seen in training?
Maybe one of Lionel Messi’s or Ronaldinho’s. I don’t know but it would be one of many from them.

How do the facilities compare at the Aon Training Complex to Barcelona’s and the Spanish national team?
Very easily. I like it here and it’s a really good sporting centre for training.

Who at the Aon Training Complex helps make your day?
It is very friendly here. All the staff always help you and also help your family too, so it is a very nice atmosphere.

Do you use sports science or analyse data and statistics to scrutinise your performances in training?
We do things like that, yes, we often watch videos and see the best way to beat the opponents. I think this is the most important thing during the week.

If you had to pick your 5-a-side team, who would make your team?
Ah, I feel a special love for Juan Mata and Ander Herrera. And also Andreas Pereira. One more? Wayne Rooney – it is a good team I think!

The Spanish-speakers all seem close – what are they like off the pitch?
It’s a friendly group and an easy group for enabling you to adapt when you are here and your English is maybe not so good! So it’s great to be next to Mata and Herrera in the changing room.