Last night, Victor Valdes played his first game of football since March 2014, as United’s U-21s beat Liverpool 2-1.

Warren Joyce has revealed that before the game, Valdes gave an inspirational speech to the youngsters, and played a motivational video.

He’s a very humble guy, a model pro. He’s worked hard, he’s interacted with the boys. Even in his first few weeks he’s been telling stories. He told us some things that Guardiola used to do at Barcelona. We have mornings where we have motivational speeches where the lads have to find out their own information and he come up with a boy and his dad who do the marathon together. If you YouTube it it’s an unbelievable story. I thought he was more focused than a couple of the ones who have played for first team and have been out on loan coming back to this level. Some of the first team lads, I didn’t think they were as up for it as he was really, so there was a couple of stern words at half-time! For him to come and play his first game for Manchester United and have that kind of attitude was testament to him.