Valencia shirtAntonio Valencia is on the team sheet for today’s Community Shield against Wigan with #25 next to his name, his old shirt number, instead of the #7 he was playing in last season. This means Nick Powell will have to change his shirt number, as he took on #25 after Valencia.

The shirt numbers for the coming season will be finalised next Friday but as it stands, our #7 shirt has no owner.

Valencia was voted as our Player of the Season by both the fans and his team mates in 2011-2012. He was rewarded for this great season with the legendary #7 shirt, but last year suffered from his worst form in his time at the club.

With the superstitions that players have, it makes sense that he would want to return to his former shirt number. And if he didn’t change his shirt, what number would we give Cristiano Ronaldo when he signs next week…