Edwin Van der Sar has faced criticism this season, labelled as a keeper in his decline. People are far too quick to forget that just five months ago he made the save that won United the European Cup. He knew which way Nicolas Anelka was going to kick the ball, yet pointed in the other direction, daring the former Liverpool, City and Arsenal striker to put it in the opposite corner. Anelka didn’t have the bottle for that though, and Edwin won us the European Cup.

Edwin has spoken out about the advantage United now have with Berbatov on the books, claiming he offers us a different attacking style to the one we had last season.

“Berbatov has added qualities we didn’t have before,” he said. “We mostly played with Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney up front but, with Berbatov, we’ve more possibilities. He is tall and can be reached through the air.”