Despite all the evidence pointing to the contrary, Louis van Gaal has claimed that his tactics at Manchester United are working. The tactics are working, but the results don’t support that, he claims.

I think it is working. It is not giving the best results. It is not good enough when you think you have to be a champion, or win the Europa League or the FA Cup. There are many of my colleagues who are not in three competitions any more.

When Van Gaal says we are in three competitions, he is talking about the Europa League, which we will almost certainly be knocked out of next week. If Liverpool score one goal at Old Trafford, we will have to score four. Another of those competitions is the FA Cup, with us due to play West Ham on Sunday, who are above us in the table, and it would be no surprise if we lost that either. And the third competition? The Premier League? Well, isn’t every team playing in this league in this competition, so it’s hardly something to brag about. Is the competition finishing in the top four? Well, that’s incredibly unlikely now.

Still, Van Gaal issues a rallying cry, claiming “it’s not impossible” for us to progress to the next round of the two cup competitions.

It is not impossible. Against West Ham United, it is also possible. At Old Trafford, we normally win our games. We are still in three competitions, so we can fight for a lot. It is possible that we are going out (of the Europa League) and then it is a very difficult situation for everyone, but still we have the chance to win something and you have to believe in that.