Robin van Persie has now scored 11 goals in his last 11 games and has scored more than any other Premier League player this season. Still, with all those goals to choose from, Van Persie says his favourite moment so far was the injury time winner against City.

“Oooh, it has to be the third goal against City,” he said. “It wasn’t a great goal, it had a deflection, but it didn’t really matter. The amount of people that goal made so happy is unbelievable. The pressure was on, all week it was about that game, and then when you score a goal in the 92nd minute, at their ground, it was my best personal moment for now. But having said, it was just a moment, and it is like a marathon. It’s going to be a long season. We have strong teams who we have to compete with. At the moment we’re in a great position, goal difference is in our favour. It’s looking good for now, but it’s still a long way off. All these guys here now how to win and become champions, so we just have to keep going, and look at it game by game.”