Robin van Persie looked absolutely delighted to win the Premier League and so he should, after spending eight years at Arsenal and winning just one trophy, the FA Cup in 2005.

Last night thousands upon thousands of people lined the streets of Manchester to welcome our trophy back. Van Persie was made up to be a part of it.

“Everyone is so happy, it’s just incredible,” van Persie told MUTV. “This trophy is for the fans, the players, the staff… the one thing I really like is it’s made so many people so happy. You see kids, babies, women, men, all sorts of people are so happy and I’m very pleased to see that. The medal hasn’t left my neck since yesterday, it’s been here all night. The trophy’s a heavy trophy and it’s great to win it finally.”

Van Persie also exhoed the point he has made all season, that he was welcomed in to the group immediately and he’s been confident since day one they would be successful.

“It’s been really good settling in,” he added. “The boys have been really, really nice to me from day one. I’ve noticed that they want to share success and I’m like that as well. I want to have success but I want everyone to play their part in it which they did.”