Robin van Persie secured the three points for Manchester United today in our 2-0 win over Stoke with a second half penalty. After scoring, he ran straight to the touchline to hug Sir Alex Ferguson, something none of our other players do. After Ferguson he went to the bench to celebrate with Alexander Büttner and co.

After the game, Van Persie revealed that he wanted to celebrate his 20th league goal with everyone.

“I had to score that one and thankfully it went in, and after that the relief of a couple of weeks came out, I would say,” laughed the Dutchman. “I wanted to celebrate with everyone; with the players, the staff, with all the players involved even on the bench because they’ve been great to me from day one. Even when sometimes it is a little bit harder, they still believe in me and they still support me and help me wherever they can. That’s why I wanted to join everyone.”

Sir Alex Ferguson also reacted to the goal celebration, in which Van Persie lifted him off his feet, claiming the striker could have killed him.

“He nearly killed me!” he joked. “He forgets I’m 71! I always think you should celebrate goals – the boys celebrated right away and it was an emotional part of it. The supporters were encouraged by that.”

If we beat West Ham and Aston Villa, and City drop a point against either Wigan, Spurs or West Ham, Van Persie will receive a guard of honour from Arsenal players upon his first return to the Emirates since leaving them for us.