Robin van Persie has been speaking about how he has settled in at Manchester United and couldn’t sound much happier.

“I’m having a really good period,” he told Sky Sports. “It’s been since day one basically. Everyone’s been helping. Everyone makes me feel at home and tries to do their best for me to play well and feel well, on and off the pitch. I’m just really enjoying myself. I’m seeing things, small things, that people don’t see from the outside, which really make me happy, for example playing five against two in the box, and being with Scholesy and with Giggs. The choices they make in that box is just incredible. It’s just great fun to be part of that. I can name loads of things from every single player. If you look at Patrice Evra and his winning mentality, his drive going forward, it’s just special. Carrick, the way he plays the game, the way he closes the game down. There are examples from all the players that make this a great team. It makes me feel like I am surrounded by champions. They know what choices to make at crucial times and that makes a big difference for me.”

Van Persie also spoke of his surprise at how good some of his team mates are. Before joining United he recognised the quality of some of our players but since playing alongside them, now realises how good they are.

“I always knew that they were great players but when you see them every day in training, or you’re in the box with them, then you find out how good someone is,” he added. “Scholesy and Giggsy are even better than I first expected.”

Van Persie was asked what he had found the toughest thing since making the move from Arsenal to United, but he struggled to think of anything.

“The toughest thing? I can’t really name one,” he said. “Everyone, on and off the pitch, has been helpful. I’d settled in quite well after two or three weeks. I had my house, school for the kids. I think the main thing is that from day one everyone gave me that feeling that I was so welcome and that they were really happy that I was here. My feeling was similar towards them. I was happy to be here, it’s a new challenge, I was just ready for this challenge. I think it all starts with having fun and I’m having fun.