Robin van PersieRobin van Persie is possibly the player I dread us facing the most. He’s a nasty little bugger, like a lot of Dutch players, but is a top class player and always poses a threat when he is on the field. Taking in to consideration the fact I want Chelsea to get a draw with Arsenal at the weekend (or even a win, as the second best case scenario), I wasn’t over the moon to hear than van Persie will return for the match on ‘Super Sunday’, particularly knowing that Drogba is out.Today, however, he has put himself in our good books, for the time being at least, claiming what we all know, that United are the team to beat. “I just think our biggest rivals at the end of the season are Man U, because of the quality,” he said. “They have lots of quality players up there who can win games for the team. Even when they are playing poorly, they have Rooney, they have Ronaldo and lots of good strikers who can win games. That is why I think it will be a battle between Arsenal and them.”

Is the title race between us and them?