After almost two months out with injury, Raphael Varane has returned to the Manchester United starting line-up in recent weeks and played in our 1-0 win over Aston Villa in the FA Cup on Monday night.

Following the game, Varane reflected on the difficult game to BBC Sport but insists that the team spirit is good and the players are doing all they can to win the competition this season.

Intensive match. I think some moments during the game we had to suffer and we were together and the spirit was good. Clean sheet and the victory, so that’s very good for us. It was a difficult match. We had to suffer a lot on the pitch but together, and I liked the spirit of this match.

These kinds of games, you don’t have a second to relax and be chilled. You don’t have this time and you just have to focus all the time. It’s really intense and, yeah, we have to play for our fans, we have to play with a heart and I think the spirit was very good. You are under pressure all of the game and that’s very intense. You have to be focused [for] 90 minutes.

It’s very important for our confidence, I think we just have to be focused and be together and play with energy and sometimes we want more control during the game, but when it’s not possible we have to fight and we showed a good spirit today. It’s very important for us, it’s a new competition for me and I know here it’s important for fans, for all the club, so we have to fight and we have to believe it’s possible to win a trophy this season.