Edwin Van der Sar has been critical of Manchester City’s tactics in our 0-0 draw against them last night.

Our local rivals have aspirations of being a top four club, however last night, showed they have all the ambition of a midtable team at best. Fancy playing so defensively at home on derby day! You would never see a game like that for United at Stamford Bridge, the Emirates or Anfield, yet at Wastelands, Mancini employed such negative tactics. City used to give us a better game when they were shit, but last night was stale and boring.

Van der Sar is disappointed to leave with just a point after dominating the game, particularly in the 2nd half.

“I don’t think it was a good point for us,” said Van der Sar. “The game was quite one-sided. We got the ball on the floor and passed it from player to player but we didn’t create a lot because they shut us off well defensively. But City didn’t really come forward and leave their defensive position. They were clearly aiming for a point and hoping for more whereas we really wanted to win and tried to play like that. It didn’t really materialise for us but they were more defensive.”