I’ve always been surprised when Arsenal or Chelsea fans try to compare their 49 unbeaten run or brilliant home record to United winning the Treble. Not losing a game doesn’t mean as much as winning. You could go unbeaten for a season and pick up 38 points, but it is only through winning games that you get your hands on the prizes.

Whilst I was pleased for our lads with their great defensive record this season, I wasn’t too concerned about it. As long as we were winning, I wasn’t arsed how long it had been since we’d conceded. I’d far rather win 5-4 than draw 0-0.

Edwin Van der Sar, whose record ended in the 2-1 defeat against Newcastle in the week, has today spoken about the importance of points on the table over records.

“It would be stupid to say you were not interested in making records,” said VDS. “You go into every game not wanting to concede, as that is how you win games. But if it came to setting a European record or winning the game 2-1, I would go for winning 2-1. It’s a team effort and if my name is honoured, it is a shared thing. It’s the same for every player – Cristiano Ronaldo scores 42 goals in a season, but all of them had to be set up. I am not eager to direct it to myself, you see the bigger picture.”