Nemanja Vidic has played down the importance of the difference between United and City at the top of the table, claiming that it’s where we are with weeks left to play that matters.

Midway through November last season Chelsea were 4 points clear of United but we still went on to finish 9 points ahead of them. Vidic reckons that we will continue to focus on ourselves and come good like we did last year.

“There is a long way to go,” said Vidic. “We have not reached the stage where there are six games left and they are five points in front and we have to think about what we have to do. It is a long season, we still have to play them again and they have to play the top four or five teams. There is a long way to go. Last year at the start Chelsea were playing unbelievable football. But in 10 months you are not going to play great football all that time. There will be good days and bad days. It is important to think game by game. That is the great thing about the players at this club, we are always looking to improve ourselves and never think so much about other teams and I think this is the key to improve, it is the key to playing well.”