Cheating bastard.

From The Chelsea Blog: Three minutes later and the boos were ringing around Wembley although whether they were for the departing Mikel or Ballack coming on, it’s hard to tell since neither of them have ever endeared themselves to our opponents. And Ballack was about to cement that fact as he first went to ground far too easily, earning a free-kick from the slightest brush of Evra’s shoulder. It was a nothing challenge and pretty embarrassing the strapping German midfielder couldn’t stand up to it a bit better than that. Still, he seemed to recover well enough to blatantly bodycheck Evra and whilst he was still down, with the overwhelmed Chris Foy somehow seeing this challenge a different way, we’d nicked the ball off them and gone on to score, with Frank Lampard slotting in off the post in the 70th minute. And whilst any goal against United might usually be celebrated with wild abandon, this one was marked with no more than a bit of awkward shoulder slapping. Should we have carried on playing? Well, the rules suggest we play to the whistle so we hadn’t actually done anything wrong in scoring the goal but the incident that led up to it was more ‘sour taste’ in the mouth than champagne bubbles.