You may be aware that some Manchester City fans, in all their wisdom, are claiming there is a conspiracy to help Manchester United win the league.

When Michael Carrick got away with a foul in the box against Fulham, they were full of it. They of course forgot that just two days earlier at Stoke Gareth Barry should have conceded a penalty and been sent off.

Today, Ashley Young was awarded a soft penalty and Derry was sent off, despite Young being in an offside position when the foul was committed, leading to more ranting about conspiracies. To even it out, yet again, Mario Balotelli somehow managed to get away with this leg breaker against Arsenal.

Just out of interest, Manchester City have been awarded more penalties at home than any other club this season. Only West Brom have been awarded fewer than United.


For balance, it’s only fair that I point out not all City fans are embarrassingly ridiculous. The initial thread on the Blue Moon forum talking about these conspiracy theories has also been deleted, most likely for the same reasons.