Manchester United beat Manchester City today thanks to two great goals. The blues had come back in to the game after a bizarre goal from Edin Dzeko, where he managed to flukily deflect it off David Silva’s back in to the goal, but like usual, City just aren’t as good as United.

City are now 8 points behind United, despite playing a game more, but former City player, Mike Sumerbee is obviously struggling to come to terms with this. For three years they have been harping on about a power shift in Manchester so it’s difficult for all of them to understand why they’re still nowhere near as good.

Can we get a petition going to have Sumerbee get Andy Gray’s job? I’d pay good money to see this bitter idiot giving his post match thoughts every week.

Let’s all laugh at City, let’s all laugh at City… ha ha ha haaaa, ha ha ha haaaaa.