Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce myself to you: I am your new Commissioner of football;

I have not been elected, I have not been nominated. I appointed myself.

In this process, no bribes have been paid and no money went on an offshore account., It is rare enough in football’s these days to be noticed.

Here I am, now, in front of you, for what I hope will be a new era for football. A revolution guided by the vision and the leadership of one man: me.

Yesterday I found an article in the paper: the biggest bank in the world Goldman Sachs, made a list of winning probabilities for the Euro 2016. France is first with 26% chance; And Albania is last with 0% . This is so stupid it makes me want to kick someone again.

How can a team have absolutely no chance of winning? What about Greece, in 2004, did they have no chance of winning, and Denmark in 1992? What about Leicester this year in premier League? Michael Chang.

Football is not about numbers and statistics! It is about heart and commitment, hard work and talent! It is about the dream! The dream that everything is possible, even for the smaller teams! I, Eric Cantona, am going to make my first ruling as a self appointed Football Commissioner. I give Albania a chance of winning the title and Iceland too. I give everyone a real chance of winning.

When the field is empty, when the last fan leaves the stadium, when the loser can’t get no sleep and the winner can’t get no rest, all we have left is the passion… It is mine, it is yours, it is ours!

(Speaks to ‘Oooh Ahhh’) Ooh Ahh I don’t want to be a prisoner of my reflection, I don’t want to be guided by what people think about me.