There has been one thing that has surprised me in reading the match reports of today’s match between United and Chelsea. Not Park being given a ‘6’ by most player ratings, when for me, he was probably our best, most determined player (and it seems I’m not alone, with the fan vote on MEN suggesting the same). Not the omission of the mention that Michael Ballack shoved Paul Scholes with two hands in the chest once the whistle had been blown. But the fact that Chelsea’s best chance of the game, other than the goal, being the result of blatant cheating from Joe Cole.

What did the press have to say?

The Times: There was always a nagging fear Joe Cole’s failure to find the net when he robbed Patrice Evra to give himself a clear sight of goal was going to prove costly.

The Guardian: There had nevertheless been signs that United were not watertight either, but Joe Cole missed the target when through on goal following a Nicolas Anelka flick.

Click here to see Cole control the ball with his arm before missing the target. It’s a bloody good job that he did miss, considering everyone is seemingly so blinded to his cheating, meaning he would have received full credit for it. I wonder, how selective is this blindness. Would the match reports have missed such a blatent handball if say, Cristiano Ronaldo was the guilty party…