FA Cup 5th Round, 16.2.08, Manchester United 4 – 0 Arsenal

The last thing we wanted to do after losing to City in the Munich memorial derby day was take on Arsenal in the FA Cup, but that’s what we had to do. They were our main competition for the title that season and had lead from the start.

However, with twenty minutes played it was pretty much game over, thanks to goals from Rooney and Fletcher, but Nani put it beyond doubt just before half time. Emmanuel Eboue then made a horrendous challenge on Patrice Evra and was sent off four minutes after the restart. With 15 minutes to go Fletcher scored his second of the game to make it 4-0 and we started to wonder just how embarrassing the scoreline was going to get. It wasn’t another goal that embarrassed Arsenal though but the entertainment from Nani, as he played keepy-uppy on the pitch whilst the Arsenal players chased after him, swiping at him. William Gallas (who was just one week away from his very public and very embarrassing breakdown) then confronted Nani and kicked him. After watchig footage after the game, the FA deemed there to be nothing wrong with an Arsenal player kicking one of ours. Hmm. Wenger then went crying to press about Nani, claiming he “teased” and “humiliated” them. I’d argue the Arsenal players did a brilliant job of humiliating themselves that day, but whatever.

Following this game, Arsenal went on to draw their next four league matches before losing to Chelsea. In contrast, we went on to win our next six league games and three months after our brilliant FA Cup victory over Arsenal we were Champions of England and Europe.