Sir Alex Ferguson spoke to the press today for the first time in six weeks after becoming frustrated with the lies they were telling and the sensationalised headlines they used to accompany his quotes.

Today he spoke to them again but let them know where they stand.

“First of all, I just want to address you people in front of me, from the dailys. I’ve had some of yous banned for a few weeks. To be honest, I got fed up with it. Your job is to tell the truth, right? That’s your job. You can quote me on things that are accurate, things that I’ve said. But I’m not having you twist everything I say, ok? So the next time, it’s finished. You’ll never get back in, ok? I’m making that clear to you. You don’t get back in. Finished. I’m fed up of having to read of papers talking about things I say, and know I’ve said, and you’ve twisted it around, lie. Your job is to tell the truth, that’s your job as a journalist. If you can’t do that, you’re in the wrong job, ok? I’ve made that clear.”