Bruno Fernandes has only been at Manchester United for a month but has already become a firm favourite with the supporters. Can you imagine how different our season might have been if we had signed him last summer?

In nine appearances, he’s scored three goals and provided four assists from midfield, with him proving to be the player we’ve been crying out for.

The fans have rewarded his impressive displays with a chant. “Bruno, Bruno, Bruno, he came from Sporting like Cristiano. He goes left, he goes right, make defender look shite. He’s our Portuguese magnifico!”

In an interview with Sky Sports, Fernandes sang his song.

“It’s really nice,” he said. “The support I’ve received from the fans since the first day is amazing. In the first game, I listened afterwards to the song they have for me and I thought ‘I’ve been here for two days and they already have a song’. I need to give something to the fans, not because they sing my song, but they give me the support I need to help my team-mates and to help United be better. I need to love them back in the same way because the love they give me in this first month is really good. If I don’t have the support of them, it would be more difficult for me to come out and be myself, to be confident and do what I want to do in the game, to take some risks with the ball. You will take the risk and maybe you fail but they are there to support you and give you the push you need to try again.”