Michael Carrick has today dished out some well deserved praise to the travelling fans at Ewood Park on Saturday. The United end sung non-stop throughout the 1-1 draw against Blackburn, singing out the regular songs as well as the new favourites, “Viva Ronaldo” and “Taking over Barcelona”.

8,000+ reds made the journey to the small town in Burnley, despite threats of a lowered ticket allocation. As Blackburn remind us every year, they offer up more seats for our lads than any other ground in the Premiership, needing all the help they can get to fill their 31,000 seater stadium, which has averaged just 23,000 a match this season. The ever so courteous letter that comes with the tickets year upon year urges our fans to sit down, after another match passes them by with the United end standing for 90 minutes. The promise is always the same, if we don’t sit down, the allocation will be lowered next season. This promise has never come in to fruition though, and United fans continue to stand and sing throughout.

Being a goal behind for the majority of the game didn’t dampen our mood, with the fans urging an equaliser from the team. Our home support has often been criticised, although has certainly seen some of the best support in years this season in terms of the volume and frequency of songs sung at Old Trafford. However, our away support is second to none.

Click below to watch my videos from the stands as well as the praise Michael Carrick has given the fans.

“The fans were unbelievable again and they probably sucked the ball in for us in the end,” Carrick said. “They’re always great at Old Trafford, but when we come away from home the fans are something else.”

“Viva Ronaldo”

“Red Flag”

The goal


“We Shall Not Be Moved” in injury time