If the season started in January, only Wolves would be below Liverpool FC in the table, after a run of extraordinarily bad form which has seen them drop below Everton in the table. In fact, this is their worst run for 59 years.

During Liverpool’s latest defeat yesterday, King Kenny Dalglish was spotted wandering around the pitch after Pepe Reina had been sent off. Unfortunately for them, there was nothing Dalglish could do to reverse the decision and prevent the Spaniard from missing their FA Cup semi-final against Everton.

Gerrard, who must be increasingly embarrassed with Liverpool’s current situation, quickly shooed King Kenny off the pitch, before they became an even bigger laughing stock.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever believed in karma but Liverpool’s position this season, following their disgraceful handling of Luis Suarez, is a good argument to the contrary.

If any other manager was doing this badly the fans would have already been protesting en masse to get rid of him. Fortunately for us, Liverpool will have to become a lot worse before the fans would dare turn on Dalglish, meaning that for us the best has yet to come.

Keep King Kenny!