Frank Lampard is full to the brim with bitterness following United’s victory in the Champions League final last night, but has backed his team mate and captain, John Terry, to bounce back from the defeat.

If John Terry had scored his penalty, Chelsea would have been crowned Champions of Europe. However, the Chelsea skipper lost his nerve, slipped, and hit the woodwork. You’ve heard that the big JT has come out with new line of vodka right? Bottled in Russia and all (ba dum dum chh).

Lampard has stuck up for his captain though, passing on some pearls of wisdom. “It is difficult because I know how it feels and there is not much you can say,” he said. “I just told him that it was a game a football and he was man enough to stand up and take it – but that won’t do him much good hearing that at the moment. John should have no worries because he is the strongest man I have met in football – one of the best men in football. An honest man.”

An honest man eh? A honest man who spits in the face of his opposition? Surely not…

In the incident which saw Didier Drogba sent off, following a spat that Carlos Tevez was initially at the centre of, John Terry disguises his spitting action on Tevez from behind his sleeve. He is just inches away from the ref, but that doesn’t stop him.

Carlos Tevez then grabs his neck, clearly feeling the spit.

Could you have picked a better player to lose the European Cup for Chelsea and win it for United? 

From Carvalho’s horrible tackle on Ronaldo, Drogba’s ridiculous behaviour in slapping Vidic across the face, and now this, Chelsea have shown themselves up as exactly what we knew they already were. A