Sir Alex Ferguson described the FA’s decision to ban Patrice Evra as the worst thing the FA had ever done to us. Of course, United fans are well aware of the one rule for United, another rule for everyone else, where the FA are concerned. That is why our players who miss drugs tests and are sent off in pre-season friendlies are treated much more harshly than the players of other Premiership teams.

Since their decision to ban Evra we have of course been a tad bit more sensitive to the behaviour of the FA. They raised the bar with Evra. Despite there not being any CCTV footage which proves Evra punched a member of Chelsea’s groundstaff (whilst there is CCTV footage of every other reported incident, including the member of Chelsea’s groundstaff swinging for Evra), the FA made the decision to trust the member of Chelsea’s groundstaff’s word, and ban Evra for 4 matches and then release their biased report on the website.

Now, last time I checked, throttling the opposition was something else the FA should frown upon, but I’ve yet to hear if the FA are planning to review the footage and hand out the appropriate 3 match ban that should follow. Watch this space, I guess.

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