Can Manchester United score? They always score t-shirt“Can Manchester United score? They always score,” are the infamous words which epitomised our 1998-1999 season.

However, throughout our recent history, spanning over a period of 15 years or so, United are well known for being the team who don’t know when they’re beaten.

This has been both a blessing and a curse for United. Whilst late goals, particularly those against rivals or in crucial games, provide you with more happiness than can be described in words, we are at times left feeling the heartache of defeat more strongly than most fans. We always believe we’ll score that late goal that guides us through to the next stage of the cup or the one that will give us bragging rights over rival fans. Of course, this can’t always happen.

However, the times when they do are truly magical. So sit back and watch 6 whole minutes of the goals that gave you greater pleasure than any other.

1. Sheringham vs B. Munich 1999 CL, 2. Solskjaer vs B. Munich 1999 CL, 3. Ince vs West Ham, 1994 PRM, 4. Beckham vs Lille 2001 CL, 5. Van Nistelrooy 2004 PRM
6. Hughes vs Oldham 1994 FA, 7. Scholes vs Sunderland 2003 PRM, 8. Cantona vs Liverpool 1996 FA, 9. Yorke vs Charlton 1999 PRM, 10. Keane vs Man City 1993 PRM

11. Dublin vs Southampton 1992 PRM, 12. Solskjaer vs Bolton 2003 PRM, 13. Giggs vs Juventus 1999 CL, 14. Bruce vs Sheff. Wed 1993 PRM, 15. Scholes vs Inter Milan 1999 CL,
16. Bruce vs Sheff. Wed 1993 PRM, 17. Cantona vs Blackburn Rvs 1995 PRM, 18. Solskjaer vs Liverpool 1999 FA, 19. Ince vs Blackburn Rvs 1993 PRM, 20.Beckham vs Middlesbrough 2000 PRM,
21. Sheringham vs Fulham 2001 FA, 22. Forlan vs Chelsea 2003 PRM, 23. Keane vs Arsenal 1999 PRM, 24. Rooney vs AC Milan 2007 CL, 25. Scholes vs Panathinaikos 2001 CL,
26. Solskjaer vs Leeds 2001 PRM, 27. Irwin vs Southampton 1995 PRM, 28. Cole vs Sunderland 1996 FA, 29. O’Shea vs Liverpool 2007 PRM, 30. Cantona vs Q.P.R 1996 PRM,
31. Ronaldo vs Fulham 2007 PRM, 32. Van Nistelrooy vs Nantes 2002 CL, 33. Yorke vs Liverpool 1999 FA, 34. Smith vs Blackburn 2004 PRM, 35. Solskjaer vs Aston Villa 2007 FA,
36. Beckham vs Leicester City 1998 PRM, 37. Cole vs Coventry City 1995 PRM, 38. Schmeichel vs Rotor Volgograd 1995 UC, 39. Ferdinand vs Liverpool 2006 PRM /