Ronaldo reaction to Benzema goal

I wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest fan in his last season at United, with him appearing to be far more concerned about himself than he was the team.

You might have thought that once he got his ‘dream move’ to Real Madrid, that maybe this selfish attitude would change somewhat.

However, I was totally shocked at the weekend to see that when Ronaldo’s penaty was saved, leaving Karim Benzema to put away the rebound, our former winger was not at all impressed. He walked around with his hands on his head whilst his team mates celebrated.

Of course, all successful players have to have a selfish streak in them, and all of them are entitled to be disappointed when they screw up, but fancy showing such obvious frustration and disappointment despite your team scoring. Bear in mind, Real Madrid had been losing at one point and Benzema’s goal put them 3-2 back in front.

Would he have behaved this way at United? For all my criticism of him, I honestly find it hard to believe that had Wayne Rooney, or any other United player for that matter, put in the rebound from a missed penalty of his, he would have reacted in the same way. Maybe it’s not so dreamy in Madrid after all, eh Ron?