Beating Chelsea in such convincing fashion last weekend was just what the team needed to boost their confidence after a few weeks of below par performances.

The crowd was the most lively it had been in some time, heightened by the fact we were playing our biggest title rivals, they’d just lost their manager, and a player who snubbed us for them got sent off early on.

Before kick off, the Chelsea fans were reminded, as if they could forget amidst the deafening “Championees” chants, that it was United who won the league last season, with a picture being carried across the Stretford End. A piece of cloth which covered the whole lower stand moved from one side to the other, showing proudly Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs lifting the trophy.

If you fancy seeing a few snippets of the crowd that day, check out the videos below.

“Fuck Off Mourinho”

Booing Mikel


Celebrating Tevez’s Goal as he runs to the corner flag

“We shall not be moved”

Saha’s penalty

Applauding the players off the field