I knew it was coming. As the team list was read out ahead of Wednesday’s victory over Portsmouth, there were sections of the crowd that booed Dimitar Berbatov. It sickens me. What kindof fickle twats do we have pouring in to our ground in their thousands?

Booing your own is never something you like to see. I thought Kieran Richardson was a prick and I was glad when we got rid but could never quite get my head around the mentality that saw our fans boo him when he scored in the FA Cup semi and when he lifted the Premiership trophy in his last season. What the fuck is that about?

Last summer should have revolved around talk of our Double success but instead it was all about Cristiano Ronaldo, who confessed he dreamed of leaving us that summer for Real Madrid. He came back in to the team and he wasn’t booed and I was glad of it. Again, I think he’s a prick, but you don’t boo your own.

To then turn around and boo Berbatov, who has made it clear his dream has been fulfilled by playing for our club, sickens me. We’re playing Spurs today and won’t they get a good kick out of it if the same knobeds turn up booing Dimi today!

Fan favourite, Nemanja Vidic, who was poor in his first season, has spoken out to defend his team mate.

“Look, anyone can miss a penalty. And he was more angry about it than anyone,” he said. “It was hard for him. But when John Terry missed in Moscow last season, no one said he was a bad player because of it. Everyone knows he’s a great one and it’s the same with Dimitar. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the winner against Tottenham on Saturday, because he’s a very talented player with great qualities. Don’t forget this is his first season here. It’s always hard when you change clubs, especially going to one as big as United. Obviously, we know he can do much more but he has still got 13 goals and done really well so far.”