Nemanja Vidic has been a revelation at Manchester United, with his tough approach to the game earning the team points on several occasions. He’s not on the receiving end of our praise alone though, with him being placed 21st in Europe the recent Ballon d’Or awards.

He has today spoken about his role in the club, as well as his opinions on the manager.

“Fergie doesn’t talk much,” said Vidic. “He points out the virtues and flaws of the opposition, how we should approach the game in order to beat them. He keeps it succinct and to the point. We play a lot of games over the course of the season and there’s not enough time for lengthy talks and analyses. He is a great expert and knows how to motivate players. That’s why we’ve been so successful. I had problems at the beginning to understand him well. He’s been here more than a decade, but he has preserved the thick Scottish accent. A lot of players don’t catch what he’s saying, especially foreign players, but our results confirm he is getting the message across.”

Vidic has looked to his future at the club, claiming that because of the mentality at United, there will be many more trophies on the way.

“I’ve had the fortune to play for big clubs who can’t stand defeats,” he added. “That is the case with Manchester United. We’ve got used to approaching our job that way and every game comes as a new challenge, regardless of the competition. You have to keep improving as a player if you want to be on the team. I’ve adopted that philosophy because I know that only individual work can keep me at the top. At the age of 27, I belong to the category of more experienced players. I have a feeling we have many more wonderful moments ahead of us.”