Nemanja Vidic didn’t have a very happy start to his life in Manchester. He struggled to adapt to our league whilst also not being a big fan of the city.

He has filled us in on his time of woe in the past, but today he has gone as far to say he was ready to quit, and would have done had Sir Alex Ferguson not convinced him to stay.

Vidic has since been recognised as one of the best players in Europe and is a firm favourite with the fans.

“I found it hard to settle and I know everyone was asking whether I was good enough to play for United,” said Vidic. “I’d had some injuries too and the Premier League is more physical than I’d experienced before. After a couple of months I said to myself, ‘This is not the right club for me’. I was very down, but the manager kept telling me he believed in me and that I’d come good and be a big player. That really gave me confidence.”