Nemanja Vidic has waded in to the debate over who should be Manchester United’s next manager, with the common belief being that Louis van Gaal will leave the club in the summer.

The most likely scenario is either that Jose Mourinho will take charge or that Ryan Giggs will.

Nemanja Vidic has revealed he is undecided over who the next manager should be, although admits he would love it to be him one day.

I like the idea of Giggsy, but Mourinho has had success in the past. It’s a hard choice. Is Giggsy ready or not? He knows. The club knows. I believe they will have an honest conversation.

I want someone who knows the club and does the best for the club. I shared a dressing room with (Giggs). I know he will do that. Mourinho plays football in a certain way, that is well known, but I definitely respect Mourinho as a manager. He is one of the greatest ever, along with Pep Guardiola and Sir Alex Ferguson.

If you ask any United player if they want to be manager one day, they will say ‘yes’, but I am a long way from that.