Against Liverpool, Nemanja Vidic’s decision to let the ball bounce instead of booting it in to touch was the start of bad times for Manchester United.

Fortunately for us and for him, he had been the best player in our team and in the Premiership up until that point, making the difference between us winning and losing enough to mean he could get away with such a costly mistake.

Vidic still hasn’t forgiven himself though but looks to how he can improve in the future.

“Obviously it is going to follow you for your career when it happens in a big game like against Liverpool, and you’re never going to forget,” Vidic said. “I like to look back, when I play well and when I play bad, I like to watch the games and improve every part of my game. That game, obviously I’d like to have cleared the ball straight away. When the game is finished you know these things but you take these things and try next time not to do the same thing.”