Nemanja Vidic pulled out of our match against Leeds United at the last minute, after picking up an injury in the warm up. This meant Antonio Valencia was drafted in at the last minute to go on the bench.

The press the following day was rather surprising though, with it becoming obsessed with Sir Alex Ferguson’s post-match comments which were made directly after the game. When asked what was wrong with Vidic, the manager replied that he didn’t know, which you would imagine is fairly reasonable. When exactly was he supposed to have found out what was wrong with Vidic? Whilst the match was taking place?

After claiming Vidic and Ferguson had fallen out, the press then claimed it was because Vidic wanted to play for Real Madrid. Clearly they hadn’t picked up on the interview that Vidic had given that morning, where he said he was proud to play for United.

Our defender has responded to the rumours today.

“Everything surprised me a lot,” he said. “Ferguson said that he didn’t talk with the club doctor, but he didn’t say that he doesn’t believe in my injuries and that we are in a fight. Everybody in the club knows that I have a marvellous understanding with my coach Ferguson. Moreover, I’m not unhappy at Old Trafford. I’m just injured and that is the end of the story. I hope that I will be able to play as soon as possible. The doctors told me that I will not be able to play for the next seven or ten days so I don’t think that I will play against Birmingham City.”