The painful defeat against Liverpool last season was one of the lowest points for the club in several years. Whilst we can point to the whole team for under performing, it’s hard to look past the crucial flaws in Nemanja Vidic’s game that day. Why on earth he allowed the ball to bounce when Fernando Torres was approaching, I’ll never know – stick it in the bloody stands! Then as Steven Gerrard went past him at 2-1 down, to get himself sent and concede the freekick which Liverpool scored from, was the final nail in his coffin. Of course, that was the second time he’d been shown a red card against Liverpool that season!

Still, over the course of the season, Vidic was probably our best player in terms of his defensive work and the goals he also scored, which was recognised when he was named the Barclays Player of the Season in May.

Ahead of another match against Liverpool, Vidic is quick to remind the critics of his previous record when up against Torres and that he should be judged on the years he’s spent in this league, not that one game.

“It was unusual to lose 4-1 at home,” said Vidic. “I made some mistakes personally and so did the team. But it’s in the past. Of course it bothered me. When you make mistakes, especially in such a high-profile game, you always go through a hard time. But I got through it. Players who play football make mistakes. Only players who don’t play never make mistakes. So it happens and it happened to me.”

Vidic looks to the good games he’s had for United and the good job he’s done against Torres in the past.

“I’ve been here three-and-a-half years,” he continued. “If I need one game to prove whether or not I’m a good player, then I clearly haven’t achieved much in England. As well as that bad game, I can also remember having played some good games for United. It was just a bad day, that’s all. You must remember, I played two games against Torres before that and he didn’t score.”