Nemanja Vidic After ScoringNemanja Vidic is loved by all reds after a relatively short time at the club, which is due to his fearless approach to the game. He goes to make every ball his, regardless of what knocks and kicks he takes on the way to do so.

With Gary Neville’s return looking more and more unlikely as the weeks go by, the topic of future United captain has been discussed more frequently. Will Rio Ferdinand take over the captain’s arm band? What about Giggsy? Is Rooney our future captain? A new candidate has emerged though, in the form in Nemanja Vidic, who seems to possess all the characteristics required of a good captain. Strength, passion and courage come all too easily to Vidic, and after captaining his former side, Red Star Belgrade, he has been asked on his thoughts of captaining United. “I don’t think about that,” he said. “I just play my game and whether I’m captain or not doesn’t change what I do on the pitch. Being captain means a lot to you and it’s a great honour, but I’ve never set out to be the captain of any team. If it happens I’d be delighted, especially at this club, but it’s not something I have my sights on.”

Whilst proving to be one of the strongest and most accurate tacklers of the ball at United, Vidic has a few thoughts on Scholesy’s tackling, after admitting he was a player he used to watch on the television when home in Serbia. “He’s a great player, too. He loves football and he loves having the ball at his feet. He takes a lot of enjoyment from playing passes, scoring goals and even making tackles.” When asked if he thought he could teach Paul a thing or two when it came to winning tackles, Vidic laughed, and responded, “Maybe, yes! He goes in very strong though and is always very committed.” That’s the nice way of putting it, Nemanja!