Following a summer of denying that Nemanja Vidic was leaving the club, our defender’s agent was quoted as saying that the player was ‘dreaming’ of a move to Barcelona. He has since denied saying that but it of course has left fans unsettled.

The papers claimed that Manchester United were planning a new and improved contract for Vidic which would extend his current deal with expires in 2012.

Regardless, Vidic has today denied the rumours and says you only have to see how he plays to know how committed he is to our club.

“I showed at Wigan on the pitch by how I played how happy I am at this club,” said Vidic. “Anyone who is a fan of United or the players would only have to see how I played to know how committed I am to United. I spoke with my agent. I know about all the rumours about me, but I don’t want it to have an impact on the club. It’s not a good time for my club to be hearing those rumours. I’m here and I’m committed. I’ll show that with how I play in matches. But I will never speak about my future and I will never talk about moving to other clubs.”

One of the reasons cited for Vidic’s apparent desire to leave was his wife who was unhappy with life in Manchester, something our defender also denies.

“It’s not true that my wife is not happy,” he added. “I don’t know how that rumour came out.”